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about Tatjana Thierbach

Tatjana Thierbach received her ballet training at the John Cranko School, Stuttgart.
During this time, she became also interested in Benesh Movement Notation.
After her A-levels, she entered the Benesh Institute in London, from which she graduated as Associate of the Institute of Choreology (AI Chor).
In 1993, Uwe Scholz engaged her as choreologist for the Leipzig ballet, where she recorded and reconstructed many of his works.
Since 1997, Uwe Scholz also entrusted her with the restaging of his works at major international companies.
In 2001, she proceeded to work on a freelance basis.
Today, she is responsible for reviving Uwe Scholz’ ballets around the world.
Amongst others, she has worked with the Stuttgart Ballet, in Berlin, Paris, Zurich, Rio de Janeiro. Milan, Beijing, in Japan as well as in Australia.